Taxi Services

Posted by on September 7, 2015

As Montezuma is a small town, there arent always taxis driving around. You can, however, call on one of the numbers below to request a taxi to pick you from anywhere in the area; you can even be driven all the way to San jose if you want.

Taxi Drivers who Speak some English:

Marino 8815-9075
Gilberto 8826-9055 / 2642-0241 /

Non-English Speakers:

Adolfo 8743-7416
Alvaro 8886-2918
Evelio 8818-3895
Esteban 8707-2758
Luis 8825-6008
Max 8650-5892
Ronald 8692-1021
Yitza 8984-0922
Zara 8757-4108


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