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Shuttle Services

From the San Jose airport, these shuttles leave daily at specific times for the Santa Teresa beach. The  price is around $50 per person per way.  One of the companies offering this service is Interbus, which runs one shuttle to/from Santa Teresa at 9 am. Total time is around 4-5 hours. For private shuttles, trip […]

Taxi Services

As Montezuma is a small town, there arent always taxis driving around. You can, however, call on one of the numbers below to request a taxi to pick you from anywhere in the area; you can even be driven all the way to San jose if you want. Taxi Drivers who Speak some English: Marino […]

Rental Cars

Research over the years has shown that for the lowest price 4WD car, it costs around $60-$75/day, depending on the season you’re travelling in. While on the internet, you may see lower cost prices and book those cars, once you arrive, you’ll find that there are extra charges added to it, eventually bringing the price […]

Flights to Santa Teresa

These days one of the most popular and hassle free ways to reach Santa Teresa is through a domestic connecting flight from San Jose to Tambor. Travelers who have this sort of budget can reach San Jose via either air or ground transport. Upon arrival to San Jose, Nature Air or Sansa Airlines will serve […]

Ferry to the Southern Nicoya Peninsula

This scenic and breathtaking 65 minutes boat ride across the Gulf of Nicoya is a relaxing trip with extraordinary views of the peninsula. You will cross the islands in the gulf, inhabited by only the colonies of maritime birds. For $1.50 for an adult ticket, this ride is a steal. The first thing one needs to know […]

Driving Directions to Santa Teresa

Driving direction drom San Jose to Santa Teresa You start off by driving to the west from the San Jose airport. After around 10 minutes take an exit to Atenas. Take a left and cross over the highway, driving for another 2km. Take another left, between a blue school and a soccer field (there’s no sign to […]

Water Taxis Services in Jaco

Jaco is a beautiful, small resort city in Costa Rica. One of the modes of transportation to and from Jaco is that of Water Taxis, or, as others may call it, Water Boats. Water taxis are an adventure and the journey they offer is full of excitement filled with breath taking scenery of the azure […]

Public Bus

At a price of $15, using a public bus is the most affordable way to get to Montezuma. If you have back problems or experience discomfort on gravel road, then a public bus is the best option to get here as these buses are very comfortable. Buses are available at 6:00 am in the morning […]

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