Posted by on July 8, 2012

Santa Teresa brings much more to the table if you know the right place to look for. The Costa Rican paradise has inspired a couple of  restaurateurs on reviving the fresh local produce. Don’t be surprised to get struck by the aroma and taste of the international cuisines served here. Check out the following restaurants recommended by travelers :


Specialty :  Japanese cuisines.  

Brisas del mar

Specialty : International Cuisines

Al Chile Viola

Specialty : International Cuisines

Restaurante Alma de Santa Teresa

Specialty:  International Cuisines

Chicken’s Joe

Specialty : Peruvian Cuisines

Buddha Eyes

Specialty : Asian, Italian, Costa Rican

Pizza Tomate

Specialty : Italian and Mediterranean

Ginger Cafe

Specialty : European

Burger Rancho

 Specialty : Central American

Zula Restaurant

Specialty : Israeli and Costa Rican

Azucar Restaurant

Specialty :  Costa Rican, Contemporary, Central American, British Dining Options


Specialty : International

Otro Lado Restaurant 

Specialty : Italian, Mediterranean

Restaurante Ambrosia

Specialty : International




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